My photographic journey all started with a simple shoebox - a box of old forgotten images captured with my camera from younger years. From an early age, I always had a deep passion for photography and my very first camera was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. Later on in life - my wife, Manon, stumbled upon this shoebox hidden in a closet. As she looked through the contents of that shoebox, she couldn't help but notice my talent that emerged from those early photographs. Fueled by her belief in my photographic abilities, she encouraged me to share these images with the world.
We carefully handpicked our favourite images from that shoebox & created my very first collection of greeting cards and prints. I embarked on a journey to various art & craft shows. To my sheer joy, my cards & images quickly garnered widespread acclaim at each event. Thus, the seeds of "Nature Photography by Joseph Brann" were planted, sprouting into a photography venture.
In my artistic escapades over the past 27 years, I have ventured into a variety of Art Exhibitions & Juried Studio Tours. From the enchanting Deer Trail Studio Tour to the captivating Sylvan Circle Tour, my photographic images have left their indelible mark. The LaCloche Art Show, Uniquely Ontario Juried Arts, Arts On The Trail & North of 17 Exhibition - they have all embraced my creative flair with open arms. And let's not forget the legendary Art Among Friends, where my artistic spirit took flight for over 11 years as one of the original co-founding & organizing artists, igniting a whirlwind of artistic camaraderie each year.
Today, my passion for photography continues to evolve, as I capture life's fleeting moments and transform them into enduring works of art. With each click of the shutter, I endeavour to create images that inspire, evoke emotion and invite viewers to see the world through my eyes.  I invite you to explore my galleries of images, prints, greeting cards and photography coffee table books, where every photograph tells a story and leaves an indelible impression of the moments I have so artfully preserved.
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